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In order to get people into your city, you need to build houses. You do this by placing housing plots near roads. Immigrants will then come in and move in after a certain period of time.

Houses can also upgrade once you provide them with basic necessities. Better houses allow for more people to move in.


Everybody needs water to live. In order to get water to the people, build a well near their houses. Once workers are found, a water carrier will periodically come out of the well and re-fill the people's houses.


Once people have some water, they will need something to eat. However, getting food is a lot more complicated than getting water. You need a supply of labourers to work the fields, a place to store the food, and then a place to distribute the food.

Food Production

To produce food, you need to build farms. Since the people in your town don't yet know how to grow anything else, they can only produce corn. Place some corn farms around.

Even with corn farms, you need to provide the fields with a supply of workers. Build a work camp to accomplish this.

Food Storage

Food Distribution

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Use the arrow keys to move around the map.